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Typically, tennis courts are expected to come with a “caged” look since the court is usually installed with a 10-foot tall chain link walls surrounding the playing area. These walls serve the double purpose of keeping the ball in and securing spectator safety as well.

Over the years, fence builders have experimented ways in order to do away with the conventional cage look. Some considered changing the fence height depending on the court’s surface, taking into consideration the ball bounce factor. This is because some consider the conventional 10-foot height as overdesigned. For clay and sand-filled turf courts, 8-foot height walls are recommended.

Others considered opening up the fence’s sides. In this design there will only be full-height fencing at the ends of the court and up the sides. The remaining fencing area can be as low as 3 or 4 feet which are considered enough to stop rolling balls. This design gives a more open feel for both the players and the spectators.

The common materials for tennis court fencing include pipe railings with cables and chain links. Pipe railings are better at providing visibility to the spectators while chain links are more absorbent when it comes to impact. Other than fence design, the court’s dimensions are also taken into consideration when planning for the fence installation. Tennis courts come in different sizes; there are children’s courts, personal courts, and courts for official purposes (its size also differs for single and double matches).

Pricing will vary according to the project specifications.

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