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Cages and enclosures are installations that are customized according to the client’s need or the structure’s function. Common installations of this type include equipment enclosures, tool enclosure, pet safety cages like dog kennels, and safety enclosures like the ones seen around trampolines for falling precaution. When no one category or installation type in our offerings fits your needs, then it is most likely you are going for this.

Literally these are installation built from our clients’ instruction; clients dictate the installation of roofing, or if it’s a temporary or permanent structure. Most of our installations come with chain link walls, but material is also customizable. Common choices for material are steel and aluminum. These materials are the best because they serve the security function that the structure needs.

The crucial part in this installation is the consultation part of the process. Here, the client’s plans and our experts’ knowledge will be consolidated to create a plan that is both feasible and the closest to our client’s vision. This part of the process is foundational to the whole process.

Pricing will vary greatly on the specifics of the project especially because every project is unique in its build, material, size, and etc. The bigger and more intricate the structure, the higher costing to be expected. A costing estimate is available upon consultation with our team.

The Queens Fence Company is ready and available to cater to your inquiries and requests now! We offer a variety of service offerings that come in the most reasonable prices in the market. Our expert team, backed with their years of experience in practice will be working with you to ensure that you receive the quality service that you need. Talk to the best fence builders in Queens by dialing 718-550-3411.

Fence Company queens
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