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Guard rails are primarily for the purpose of security. There are two settings where guard rails are used commonly—architectural and environmental.

  • Architectural – guard rails are common in residential and commercial buildings as it is part of different building codes. It is usually installed by stairways, balconies and catwalks. It is also installed by road sides to deter any vehicular accidents. Some establishments like the Eiffel Tower have exaggerated guard rails to the point of looking more like a cage or enclosure, to prevent falling hazards and suicide attempts.
  • Environmental – guard rails are installed by hiking trails, or scenic overlooks especially when the adjacent terrain is steep.

There are two types of guard rails—steel ribbed rail and polymer guard rail.

  • Steel ribbed guard rail – primarily of steel material, it is most common in the industrial setting for the purpose of facility safety. The upright posts are made of heavy wall steel tubing, and the railings are of heavy gauged ribbed steel rails.
  • Polymer guard rail – created to be the alternative of steel guard rails. Polymer has different types: polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), these are used to produce polymer guard rails.

On average, the installation cost of a 10-foot-long guard rails is somewhere in between $900 to $1500, but this estimate is subject to changes. Actual pricing will largely depend on the project specifics.

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