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Ornamental metal fences are common when the client wants both strength and style. Most ornamental metal fences come in two styles:

  • Ornamental picket fence – replicates the typical features of a traditional picket fence (vertically installed, even spaced “pickets”)
  • Metal privacy fence – privacy panels with a variety of color options

There are two predominant options when it comes to the material of ornamental metal fences and that is between steel or aluminum. Both actually look and feel alike, but each material is unique in itself as well.

  • Steel is an alloy made of iron and carbon. These compositions make steel a very strong and durable material. Although it is very strong, it is not rust resistant and may need maintenance over the years. When installed, it is usually reinforced by concrete, where the posts are placed. For a better chance against rust, it can be treated for a different patina finish.
  • Aluminum is the cheaper alternative to steel. It is lightweight, recyclable and rust resistant. It requires lesser maintenance compared to steel, and although it is relatively lesser in strength compared to steel, it is still a very reliable fence material.

A choice of ornamental steel fencing over aluminum will obviously incur greater costing, but price is still relative to the specifics of the project.

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Ornamental Aluminum and Steel Fence Installation Queens
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