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Dog owners use dog kennels for different reasons. Some owners do what they call “kennel-training” where the dog kennel is a tool to help train their dog how to behave indoors especially for potty training purposes. Kennels are also used for shelter and security as they may include a dog house when desired.

Our dog kennels are made of a chain link type of fence framed by steel tubing, all of which are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Its dimensions are customizable according to the dog size, and may have the option to come with roofing or not. Roofing is helpful to prevent dogs from climbing out or having unwanted wildlife from coming in (if the dog kennel is placed outside). Chain link walls are the best for dog kennels since it provides an open sightline for owners who need to frequently check on their pets. It also provides a well-ventilated space for the pets.

The dog kennel may be built to be a permanent or temporary structure. Permanent ones usually come with roofing and are attached to the ground while temporary ones usually lack roofing and flooring and comes in either six or eight panels and are easily foldable. They are also known as portable pens and are usually used for travel and transport.

Average pricing is around the $1,743 to $7,747 range, but pricing will greatly vary according to the project specifics.

The Queens Fence Company is ready and available to cater to your inquiries and requests now! We offer a variety of service offerings that come in the most reasonable prices in the market. Our expert team, backed with their years of experience in practice will be working with you to ensure that you receive the quality service that you need. Talk to the best fence builders in Queens by dialing 718-550-3411.

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