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The area behind the Homeplate has earned its nickname as the “slaughter pen,” from a record of spectator injuries and even deaths, from being struck by foul balls or wild pitches. Because of this statistic, protective gate installations, called back stops have been strictly imposed especially in baseball and softball arenas.

A fastball which can go as fast as 100 miles per hour. This means the material required for the build of backstops must be capable of absorbing such impact. With this in mind, our backstop installations are of chain-link steel. The common dimensions for backstop fences are 50 mm chain-link mesh size, and not less than 4.88 m in fence height. Other protective fences accompany the back stop to secure all-around security. We have included installation offerings for these protective fences as well:

  • Outfield fence – protects the people and objects outside the fence; the height must be increased accordingly
  • Player bench protective fence – installed in front of the on-grade player’s bench and below-grade dugouts
  • Spectator protective fence – protects the spectators of the game located on the highest point of the bleachers
  • Foul line fence – protects the fielder from distractions
  • Gates – for access regulation
  • Fence fittings – posts, rails, and braces for chain-link fence

All these protective fences are of the same chain link steel material that the back stops are made of. Steel material will never go wrong when it comes to strength and durability.

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