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Dumpsters are movable waste containers that are designed to be collected by a trash collecting vehicle. Dumpster enclosures work to contain dumpsters from sight. These are common in both commercial and residential use. Most businesses make use of dumpster enclosures to keep their area clean especially because it is part of their cleanliness branding.

Dumpster enclosure are planned according to preferred layout as well as material. Dumpster enclosure layouts come in four options:

  • Single – Holds up to one 10-yard box or slant
  • Double – Holds up to two 10-yard boxes or slants
  • Walk-in – Holds up to one 10-yard box or slant
  • Multiple – for multiple unit enclosure, multiply the length times the number of units

The common dimensions of a double dumpster layout are 8 ft. height, 14 ft. length, 19 ft width/depth, 15 ft. gate opening, more than 90 degrees gate swing, 20 ft. overhead clearance, and 60 ft. truck approach length. Some areas have regulations when it comes to dumpster enclosure dimensions, so it would be best to check with that first.

For material, common material choices include wood, vinyl, chain link, metal and concrete. In terms of price, wood is considered to be the most inexpensive; for maintenance, vinyl is considered virtually maintenance free; and for durability, concrete is the most long-lasting material among all these options. Same with the enclosure dimensions, some areas also have regulations when it comes to the material used for enclosures so it would be important to check with those as well.

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