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When the need for fencing is only for events and other uses that will only make use of it for a short duration, temporary fence installation is surely the answer. Temporary fences are removable, free-standing self-supporting fence panels. They are easy to install, easy to move around and easy to restore as well.

Temporary fences serve many purposes when in use. When used in events, especially outdoor ones, it is used to contain guests, cordon the area, and section the venue into individual spaces. For construction sites, it is used as a barricade for the whole building site to prevent trespassers from accessing the site. It is also used to mark danger zones and off access areas (where expensive equipment are placed).

Our temporary fence installations include:

  • Panels – used to section a big venue into small individual areas
  • Anti-scale fences – 8-foot long panels made of mesh and steel plates for privacy and security uses
  • Pedestrian barricades – used for public gatherings where a huge foot traffic is expected

Our temporary fence offerings can be purchased for but it is also available for renting especially if clients do not have space for storage after use. If it is for purchase, we manufacture new sets according to the requested volume. It can either be of wood or chain link steel material.

The Queens Fence Company is ready and available to cater to your inquiries and requests now! We offer a variety of service offerings that come in the most reasonable prices in the market. Our expert team, backed with their years of experience in practice will be working with you to ensure that you receive the quality service that you need. Talk to the best fence builders in Queens by dialing 718-550-3411.

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