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About Us

The Queens Fence Company has been the local security partner of choice since the year 1999. “Partner” means how one shares with another an endeavor. We have taken this identity to heart ever since our first project, up to this very day.

We at The Queens Fence Company believe that our work is important and that it adds value to the lives of our clients. Emphasizing the weight of our responsibility helps us remember that our job goes way beyond just installing your fence; it includes a legitimate concern for your security.

We are lucky to have great clients—our partners along the way who have chosen us, stayed with us, and allowed our team to advertise the quality of our work through their properties. Today, a lot of properties in the Queens area serve as our live work portfolio.


What does it mean to be our partner?

We make sure that your project gets as much expert input from our team while still keeping it personal by staying true to your requests and making sure that the resulting installation is what you had in mind when you first came to us for consultation. As long as your vision is feasible and within your estimated budget, then we will make it happen.

We also give our partners a satisfaction guarantee which means after settling the down payment prior to actual installation, the remaining balance will be settled only if our output has satisfied you upon the project completion. Our expert team will work closely with you to ensure that your inputs are heard along the way so we come to a complete project that is as close to, if not exactly, what you had envisioned. We are your partners, and your satisfaction is ours as well.

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