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Numerous people begin to contemplate whether or not to do away with hand railings on their porch; most people believe that it creates a more modern appeal when their porch is absent of the traditional handrail. However, there are building code requirements that do not allow porches without handrails. In the USA, when the porch 30 inches (and above) high from the ground, handrails are a requirement. So how do you follow the code without sacrificing your property’s appeal?

Install a good porch handrail! Aside from the security feature that it provides, handrails are crucial aspects to consider since it can greatly impact the overall appeal of the property. It can either improve or damage the existing aesthetic of your property.

With this said, our strong recommendation is, go for aluminum porch handrails.

Aluminum porch handrailing is the common option for this purpose. Aside from the fact that aluminum is a durable material, it is rust resistant which makes for easier maintenance work. It is lightweight and cheaper all the while replicating the classic look of steel. Its exemplary strength-to-weight ratio is what makes it a very attractive material for installations of the like.

Aluminum handrailing is also very versatile when it comes to style and design. Some of the common handrailing options include:

  • Pipe railing
  • Pipe picket railing
  • Cable railing
  • Pipe cable railing
  • Horizontal railing
  • Privacy railing
  • Residential railing

Of all these options, residential railings are the most customizable, design-wise.

Pricing varies according to the specifics of the project.

The Queens Fence Company is ready and available to cater to your inquiries and requests now! We offer a variety of service offerings that come in the most reasonable prices in the market. Our expert team, backed with their years of experience in practice will be working with you to ensure that you receive the quality service that you need. Talk to the best fence builders in Queens by dialing 718-550-3411.

Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation Queens
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