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There are establishments that are very particular when it comes to entrance access. For high security establishments that require an added layer of protection, gate operators are the best option. Gate operators automate the security gate. It includes a strong lock mechanism that does not allow for forced entry unless a key or passcode is entered on the system. This way, regulating and tracking entrance of people is made easier.

Gate operators come in many types. According to gate mechanism, literally how the gate opens that is, there are five types:

  • slide gate operators
  • swing gate operators
  • barrier arm gate operators
  • vertical lift gate operators
  • vertical pivot gate operators

Choosing the appropriate type of gate operator is dependent on the place of installation. It is important to consider how much space is available to work with. If there is limited space, then a swing gate wouldn’t do, any parallel opening gate would be much better.

This installation provides so many customizable options, especially with added accessories such as including a solar power battery source or a battery backup mechanism, and changing up the access control systems as well. Alarm systems and other safety devices are also common add-ons. These customizations will only develop over the years especially due to technological advancements.

Pricing will greatly vary depending on type and added customizations or accessories.

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